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We are a community of trail runners in the Saint John area.

We spend all of our time on the trails, and look forward to connecting together weekly


  • Mark McColgan - Crew Chief/Lead Guide, Main Group

  • Sarah Lamos - Lead Guide, Women's Only Group

  • Tim McDonough - Lead Guide, Continuous Group

  • Scott Smith - Lead Guide, Beginner Group

  • Mike Black - Lead Guide, Beginner Group


Our Tuesday and Wednesday group runs will always be from 6 to 8 kilometers in length, and start at 6:30pm (6:00pm in the Summer). The routes will be located in the Saint John Area, and the location will change each week.

The pop-up runs are designed to be 'something to work toward', as the pace may be slightly quicker, and the distance may be a little longer. These runs may also require a road trip.


Women Only: 6:30pm

Lead Guide: Sarah Lamos

Cost: Free



All Welcome: 6:30pm

Lead Guide: Mark McColgan

Cost: Free

The meeting location will be posted to the SJTR Facebook group, at the latest, two days before the group run. We will add the length, and all details.


See you on the trails




Mark was born and raised in Rothesay, N.B., and has been exploring the trails in the area for 20+ years. His explorations started with mountain biking, but has since switched to trail running. Mark's knowledge of the trails in this area is second to none.  


Mark's running "career" started in 2016. To date he has run a number of ultras (racing and training), and has a couple of 110km runs under his belt.  Mark is very engaged in the trail running community across the Maritimes, and is passionate about growing the sport.  In 2019, he accepted a spot on the Course Sur Sentier/NB Trail Running board, and continues to serve an active role today. 


In 2020, Mark took over the River and Trail Runners Facebook Group, and changed the name to Saint John Trail Running (SJTR). In less than a year, the Facebook group has doubled in size, and the trail running community in the Saint John Area is more engaged than ever. He couldn't be more proud of this little community of awesome athletes. 

To learn more about Mark, have a listen to his chat with Rick Canning from New Leaf Running Podcast

He'd love to hear from you. Feel free to give Mark a follow on Instagram

Mark McColgan


(Women's Only Group)

Sarah has lived in the Maritimes her whole life, but her sense of  adventure has taken her all over the world. She is relatively new to trail running, but when she joined the SJTR group in 2020, it was immediately apparent she was in it for the long haul. With a global pandemic all around us, Sarah took her sense of adventure to the trails, and now has found a strong love for longer adventures. In a relatively short time, Sarah has run a few 50k distances, and last year completed her first 110k distance race. 


When the idea of a women’s only trail running group presented itself, Sarah jumped at the opportunity to take on a leading role. Tapping into her own experiences, Sarah brings a warm and relatable vibe to the community.  She loves to inspire people, and understands that although some runs can be a struggle, you will always make it out on the other side - laughing a whole lot on the way.  You won't be disappointed when joining Sarah on an adventure. 


Learn more about Sarah on her blog, and make sure to give her a follow on Instagram. She loves to help set goals, and hear about your progress. If you'd like to listen to her story, tune into this conversation with Rick Canning from New Leaf Running Podcast.

Screen Shot 2023-04-01 at 8.05.48 PM.png
Sarah Lamos


At almost every group run, we have a few people who are willing to jump in, and safely lead a group out on an adventure.

For this reason, we want to give a special shoutout to the following people: 

Brian Demmings | Glen Trites | Marc Gallant | 

Evan Arsenault | Chris Watson | Scott Smith | Mike Black



Tim was born and raised in Saint John NB with a natural curiosity for adventure. In the early years, he would explore our urban landscapes and parks. After some time away Tim has returned to explore the trails that we all love. Tim is now an accomplish ultra runner with a tremendous appreciation and love for the trail running community. 

In 2020, Tim ran, biked, and alpine-toured for over 1000 hours covering 7,200km. Most of this distance was running on the rugged trails in Newfoundland with face-pounding rain, wind, hail, and snow. You’d consistently see him doing 200-250kms per week in those conditions.  Omitting the impressive podium finishes from 2017-2019, we’ll let his 2020/2021 accomplishments, a pandemic year at that, speak for themselves.

  • 1st overall - Round the Lake Virtual Race, hosted by Nova Scotia Trail Running. 12-hour Virtual Race around Bras d’Or Lake in Cape Breton. 100km in 12hours.

  • 5th overall - Quebec Mega Trail. 100 miles in 26hrs. 

  • 8th overall – ‘Hurt100’ in Hawaii - One of the most challenging 100-mile races in North America.

  • 100 miles in 24hours - Ella’s Frontyard 24h Ultra.

  • Logged ~2500km on foot over the summer - Great Virtual Race Across Tennessee.

  • Climb Mt. Everest 2x! (That's 58,058ft of ascending & descending) - Limitless Vertical Challenge, Double Vision. It took 200km of running over 7 days to complete.

  • East Coast Trail FKT attempt – Completed 220km of the 330km in record time - Unable to finish due to logistical issues.

  • Brand Ambassador for one of the top outdoor gear brands out there, Arc’teryx.

  • Partial list of accomplishment (it’s worth a look!): Official Race Results


But don’t let these accomplishments fool you. Tim is hands-down one of the best running partners anyone could ask for. He is out there for the adventure, not the pace, and will always have your interests at heart. He will run long, run short, move fast, move slow - whatever adventure you’re after he will do it, even if he ran 20km earlier that day! This humble attitude is precisely what SJTR looks for in our guides, and we feel Tim is the perfect fit to lead any group.


You can follow Tim’s adventures on Strava and Instagram. It's very much worth it. Tim has some big adventures planned.  You can also watch a video of his first 100 miler, which he placed 3rd!

Tim McDonough


The SJTR Community

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