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We can talk trail all day long!

Scroll down to see where our community has been profiled in the media so far.    

"It's a cool lifestyle"- Mark McColgan and Sarah Lamos

In this episode, Mark and Sarah chat with John Leygraaf and Diane Trites from the 'Motivate to Move' Podcast. This conversation is all about Saint John Trail Running, and the passion we have for this community. You motivate us! 

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The Bootstrap Boogie with Mark McColgan

In this episode Mark sits down with John Leygraaf and Diane Trites from the 'Motivate to Move' Podcast. This was a great chat about how Mark keeps motivated (or not), what inspired him to take Saint John Trail Running to new heights, what the 'Bootstrap Boogie' is all about, and much more.

Tim McDonough - Quebec Mega Trail

 On this episode of the New Leaf Running Podcast, Tim talks about his Quebec Mega Trail 100 mile race. This is an extremely challenging race with over 6000m of vertical climbing which took place on a very hot day. They cover all things from training, heat management, starting the race at 10pm amongst many other challenges that he faced.


"You can do way more than you think you can"

Sarah Lamos sat down with Motivate To Move Podcast to dive deeper into running with confidence, building strength, and conquering her first ultra marathon distance. 

Sarah Lamos on How Running Helped Her Find A Stronger Version of Herself

In May 2021, Sarah Lamos, lead guide for the Women Only group, talked with Rick Canning from New Leaf Running Podcast about disordered eating, and the passion she has found for the trail and helping women along in their running journeys. 

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Tim McDonough on the Key to Consistently Doing Epic Things

On this episode of the New Leaf Running Podcast, Tim McDonough sat down to chat with Rick Canning about how listening to your body is the key to taking on epic adventure after epic adventure.

Finding Motivation Through Giving Back

In March, 2021 our lead guide, Mark McColgan sat down with the host of the  New Leaf Running Podcast, Rick Canning to have a conversation about community, inclusivity, and his best trail running buddy, Kona. 


Runner offers women-only event

When Sarah Lamos announced she'd be the lead guide for a weekly women's-only trail run starting May 2021, the announcement scored a write-up in the local newspaper

Joyful conversations: The joy of running with the pack

In December, 2020 Julia Wright from CBC wanted to learn more about SJTR, and how we had our best year ever.

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