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Saint John Trail Running is a community of trail runners in the Saint John area.

The SJTR Intro group is a weekly guided trail run that is designed to build fitness, and confidence running on trail.


  • Mark McColgan - Crew Chief/Lead Guide

  • Sarah Lamos - Lead Guide, Women's Only Group

  • Tim McDonough - Lead Guide, Continuous Group

  • Adam Dunn - Guide, Intro. Group

  • James Duffley - Guide, Intro. Group

  • Jessica Currie - Guide, Women's Only Group

  • Katie Brewer - Guide, Women's Only Group

  • Sarah Badger - Guide, Women's Only Group

  • Scott Smith - Lead Guide, Intro. Group

How does it work?

This is a 8-week intro to trail running group where we will start small (~3kms), and slowly build the difficulty each week. At the end of the program we expect your fitness and confidence will have increased enough to complete your first trail race! 

Each week we will meet at the location listed on the '2023 Schedule' below. Just before we head out for the run, we will introduce the guides and have a brief chat about what to expect when we are out there. If we have a larger crew, we will split into smaller groups, with each group having at least one guide at the front and one at the back (aka The 'Caboose') to ensure nobody is left behind. We will take several breaks during the run to re-group and give everyone a breather.


This is repeated each week for 8 weeks to help you prepare for the GOAL RACE!  

What is the Goal Race?


Your goal race is the East Coast Beast Coast 8km at Rockwood Park on June 25th, 2023, as part of the 2023 East Coast Games.

You will be part of an exciting weekend of sport in the Greater Saint John area.

Don't think you will be ready?

Nonsense! You will absolutely be ready. Contrary to road racing, trail racing isn't all running.  

You are welcome and encouraged to hike as much of the race as you see fit!

To accomplish this goal you will need to be committed. You will need to show up each week and push yourself, maybe even get a little uncomfortable.  

Although everyone is welcome, you should have some level of fitness to join the intro. group (aka - you're able to walk/run 3-5km on the road). Hiking during the run is expected and very much welcome, but hiking the entire time does not create a progressive environment. 



6:30 pm


Mark McColgan, Scott Smith, Sarah Lamos, James Duffley, and more.

Cost: $40*


* this includes your registration for the East Coast Beast Coast ($25 value)

Join as many as you like, but keep in mind

consistency is the key to success! 

Registration open  from April 1st to April 27, 2023

By registering for the intro. group, you are also signing up for the East Coast Beast Coast 8km trail race. Of course it is up to you if you want to run it, but there will be no refunds. The point of this is that we want you to set your goal right out of the gate!  We know you can do it, if you put your mind to it! 


The Fine Print

Although we will provide lots of "great" advice, we do not provide professional coaching services. We are your adventure guides, who are very familiar with the trails in our area. We will create a fun and inspiring place to socialize, while at the same time, help get you stronger and more comfortable on trail. 


Trail Running carries a certain level of risk. It is your responsibility to understand those risks and assess your own ability. By registering, you understand and accept these risks.


Click the route below for meeting location

April 27: ~3km
Villa Madonna Walkway

May 4: ~4km

Wells Recreation Park

May 11: ~4.5km 

Irving Nature Park

May 18: ~5km 

Shady Grove 

May 25: ~6km

Sheldon Pt. Trail

June 1: ~6km

Rockwood, Cherry Brook Zoo

June 8: ~4.5km

Black Beach Trail

June 15: ~7km

Rockwood, Dark Lake Rd

End of 8-Week Training

June 22 (BONUS): ~8km

Guided Race Route Preview (Optional)

Rockwood, Fisher Lake

June 25: RACE DAY!

The reward for all the hard work!

Rockwood, Fisher Lake



The SJTR Community

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