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Saint John Trail Running is a community of trail runners in the Saint John area.

The SJTR Intro group is a weekly guided trail run that is designed to build fitness, and confidence running on trail.


  • Mark McColgan - Crew Chief/Lead Guide, Main Group

  • Sarah Lamos - Lead Guide, Women's Only Group

  • Tim McDonough - Lead Guide, Continuous Group

  • Scott Smith - Lead Guide, Beginner Group

  • Sarah Badger - Guide, Women's Only Group

  • Jessica Currie - Guide, Women's Only Group

  • Katie Brewer - Guide, Women's Only Group

  • Mike Black - Guide, Beginner Group

  • James Duffley - Guide, Beginner Group


Our SJTR Intro group is a weekly guided trail run that is designed to build fitness and confidence running on trail.


This is a free, 8-week training program, where our guides will start small (3-4kms) & build the difficulty each week.


WE MEAN 12wks

1. The 'Warmup' (4wks) - Guided

This phase gives runners the chance to 'get their feet wet'. Each week our guides will take you on a 3 to 5km adventure.

2. The 'Build' (4wks) - Individual

This phase is simple. Take what you've learned so far and practice, practice, practice. We want you to put in the miles on your own, so you can comfortably join phase 3: The Work! 

3. The 'Work' (4wks) - Guided

Time to up the ante. We go from 3-4km runs, on easier terrain, to 6-8km on harder terrain. Don't go gettin' lazy during the 'Build'!

Our mission is to have you running with the Tue. & Wed. crews by the end of the training program. 


All runs will be located in the Greater Saint John Area, but the meeting location will change each week.

(see 'Schedule')

The Warmup

Guided: May 19 - June 9, 2022

The Build

Individual: June 10 - July 6, 2022

The Work

Guided: July 7 - July 28, 2022


6:30 pm


Mark McColgan, Scott Smith, Mike Black, James Duffley, and more.

Cost: Free


Please keep in mind that although we will provide lots of "great" advice, we do not provide professional coaching services.


We are your adventure guides, who are very familiar with the trails in our area. We will create a fun and inspiring place to socialize, while at the same time, you will get stronger and more comfortable on trail. 


That said, Trail Running carries a certain level of risk, and it is your responsibility to assess the risks to your own ability. By registering, you understand and accept these risks. 


Click the route below for meeting location

May 19: ~4km
Wells Recreational Park

May 26: ~4.5km

Irving Nature Park

June 2: ~5km 

'Deep Hole'

June 12 (BONUS): 2.5km 

'Troy's Trail'

June 23 (NEW DATE): ~5km 

Shady Grove

June 10 to July 6

You're on your own! Get after it! 

July 7: ~6km

Sheldon Pt. Trail

July 14: ~4.5km

Black Beach Trail

July 21: ~6.5km

Rockwood, part 1

July 28: ~7-8km

Rockwood, part 2

Join as many as you like, but keep in mind consistency is the key to success! 


The SJTR Community